Thursday, April 8, 2010

For all.

7 April 2010 - Sri. Happy belated birthday Sri Kabelen. I knew how finally spell out your name correctly. You're talkative last year and it has gotten lesser this year. You are brilliant and it's the same now. A lot more brilliant than me. You've been very cool last year - unlike Vanesh. But this year, you have gotten friendlier :) All the best.

8 April 2010 - Happy Birthday Raffiq. ^^ I sang birthday songs for three times to you today. From English to Chinese. I hope you will always be the cheerful you. And SORRY for not eating your cake after school time because I rushed home today. I really wanna try out that cake but me and the cake don't have fate. Yum yum.

8 April 2010 - Happy Birthday Farzana. Although we talked very less but I knew you're kinda humorous. Twins of SyaSya? HAHA :) Good lucks in all and take care.

9 April 2010 - Happy Birthday Sit Ee (Xue Er). Same primary, 1 year senior. ^^ But long time didn't contact dy. Only meet you in FaceBook. Sometimes you comment on my status. =) Look like you're having a great life. Keep it up.

Mutual friends and WM juniors =
Shun Yao, Kim Hui, Wai San, Kamille and Nicole Teh.

Thats all for now - my near friends. More birthdays coming up soon :)

HAHA. My UGLIEST photos which I hated so much. I am showing their handsome pictures but ... Nevermind, just once out in the blog and no more!! Isk isk..

Sya, Raffiq and me during RAYA last year.

Me and Sri during Anugerah Cemerlang. LOL.


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