Saturday, April 3, 2010

Earth Hour 2010.

Late post =) That day, 830pm turned off all the lights in the house. Switched off computer too. Support support support!

Amy: Later close all lights okay?
Daddy: Huh? For what?
Amy: Earth Hour. Why so outdated?
Daddy: What is that?
Amy: *started giving some == face* You don't want support a?
Daddy: Close lar. Nevermind. People got close? How long?
Sister: We close can already. Don't bother bout others.
Amy: *one finger*.
Daddy: One minute ar?
Amy:*== again* Earth hour of course 1 hour.
Daddy: O, okay.
Amy: Why so outdated de?
Daddy: Many people don't know de. I also don't know. Only those people after eating nothing to do only know.
Amy: Saying me.
... I know daddy saying me "duo si po" already...

9pm.. Went to fetch mummy with my sister.. Left daddy at home sleeping.. Ha Ha.. I asked her not to drive so fast, but she still the same.. My heart heart jumping out anytime.. Somemore holding the phone on her hand and when reached every traffic light, she was going to take the phone to reply her friends.. 10 new messages on the same time.. Huishh.. I was like "Aunty, you are on the road la". She is driving 3x faster than Elaine. 2x faster than daddy. Hope she will always be careful on the road.

KLCC at 8.28pm. Grabbed from FB.

KLCC on Earth Hour.

9pm. See the lighting shops. So "guang ming zhen da" de open all lights during the Earth Hour. Not supportive.

Even mum's place there also support =)

Good =)

Sue-ann only came back for 2 days. And she brought everything home. Her laptop, her monitor, her CPU, keyboard, mouse etc etc.

Lake view. The golf court was bright.

KLCC. The construction in front of us.

Those blocks near my school. Thousands of lights.

Sister searching for her car key. For few minutes and refused to switch on the lights. =)


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