Friday, April 2, 2010

1st April.

Birthday Corners x4
Happy 15th Birthday Sherlin! Last year of 1st April was my first time to talk to you, maybe? HAHA! I wished you Happy Birthday on MSN but you kinda cool. I thought you are the arrogant type of girl. But you ended up being a great girl =) It's great to know you. And wish you all the best in all your future undertakings.

Happy 16th Birthday Nicholas. All the best. Hope you will get "her" fast fast! And of course, concentrate on studies is important^^ Stay healthy and happy ;)

Happy 19th Birthday Yuen Lin. First time look at you, so serious + look at me very weirdly. Then, after some months, knew you are a good senior. Friendly. Hope your happy with your college life!

Happy 15th Birthday Xin Yi. Although I don't quite know you. But at least, we have been in Moral class for a year though we didn't chat much. Wish you all the best and PMR score good grades =)

Happy Belated Early Birthday all! You can do the best when you think the best! 加油加油!

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