Friday, April 16, 2010


For the Seminar PMR 2010, it's pretty annoying to me now. I got various comments heard from my friends to my sisters and finally to daddy. I told dad it was RM888, he don't believe ahhaha~

Of course dad told me to go. He gave me the money already - I still got profit RM12 leh~ Daddy said that amount of money he can afford. He also said don't make him shame for saying we takrak money cause the monthly maintanence of condo is 3x this seminar money.

But I just weren't sure whether I should go or not. Or just give back daddy the money. Cause I am pretty not so interested in it now after hearing those .... lols. Mummy also don't want me to go, she said study ownself enough dy. Do you have any opinions?

And maybe going to visit Sue-ann jie at Serdang next week because she is facing her MAJOR exam now~ She have sleepless night. She must be very tired after 3 years of architecture. If she passed, I will be going to her graduation this August =) And give her a big bouquet of teddies + flowers as planned by me, mum and dad and take a photograph together. 加油,姐姐. I love you!


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