Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am crazy of Ma Kwok Ming. So, friends, ignore me while I am so-into-it.Just IGNORE! It's very annoying I am sure - for saying that words over and over again but I just ..... arr, ..

@ Thursday. First class, Science. Don't know why time flies, so fast, the class ended. Second class, KH. Aikss. Do calculation for the wooden work - pricing for those wood etc. Mine was RM9.70 for just stuff - haven't count labour salary etc etc.

Recess. Where was I? Oh ya, I finally remembered. I bought chocolates for Sya in Koperasi. RM2. Teacher counted wrongly and gave me 19 only. But it's just the same. Everyone take 2. Lols. Thanks oo~

Bengkel Sejarah by Mr.Shiva Ramana. The class was noise with laughing sounds. I was laughing too. HAHA. If he was my Sejarah teacher, I bet my Sejarah would get 90 and above! Last class, BM - Komsas. Argh. I dislike the feeling of being disturbed now. Errrr. Okkkk, dunno I shall post this post or not. Cause it's annoying~


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