Saturday, April 24, 2010


One week passed and 7 days is gone. Time flies. In no time, I will be working =) Am I thinking too far already? ^^

Last Sunday, went to visit Uncle KeeLim @ Damansara together with Aunty Joanne and family, Aunty Melissa and grandmother. Had a good talk with all relatives on the dining table =) A good joke/true fact: When we are 10, we talked about schooling stuff. When we are 20, we talked about where to have fun/go tomorrow. When we are 40, we talked about what medicine we are consuming.

Dinner @ Kepong. Daddy belanja makan. We reached there at 8pm. Waited for table for 10minutes, I was frustrated as I still haven't iron my school clothes. At 9pm, only the food is served. I ate very fast but unfortunately, others ate slowly. 10.30pm, fetched popo back and sped home. A brand NEW monday is waiting for me ;)

I was extremely bored waiting for the dishes to be served. And I played with some chillies, after finished eating, we went out from the restaurant and I accidentally rubbed my eyes, my left eye was feeling so hot. Mummy quickly take me into the restaurant (eyes closed) and washed my eyes with soap and got lecture by mum saying I so careless. When I opened my eyes, got two cute guys beside me smirking at me, I was like ==", this toilet is for both genders?

Marmite chicken (so fast almost finishing).
Got few more delicious dishes, not able to take picture cause too rush to eat it - VERY HUNGRY!

What .... fish? I didn't memorise the name.

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