Friday, April 23, 2010


Today at school,
didn't talk much.
I think I got some problems dy.

I feel I am lucky ...

Happy happy =)
Cause ...
小帅哥 got look at me..

Today, Muffadhal saw me on the way and called me.
小帅哥 got turned back and look~~
Never realised I so "perasan" right?
Actually, I am ;)

But I am of course not in love with 小帅哥.
Is just ..
How to say?

Recently also many good things happened.
Make me happy.

Don't talk about those in class lar.
They are so the lame.
Never think of my feeling.
Just wanna find me to be their topics
Cause out-of-topic.

What is the use of friend?
I never realise ..
She's so selfish.
But no choice,
I don't want this life.
Although some might think it's the best.

*小帅哥 name given by my friends.

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