Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Got lectured.

My current FB status = Aiya'sss.. Daddy changed attitude today - he eventually went into the wet kitchen and washed dishes (wow!).. He asked me to go to do revision and stopped FB-ing.. I am nomore a baby, he said.. I am acting like babies mer??

Daddy gave me a lot of lectures lately. But I am kinda loving it. I don't know why. I just let him talk talk talk and then nodded to show that I listened to all his brilliant speeches, his good fluent english and his GENERAL KNOWLEDGES. Okay. After all I have heard in this one two hours, I only remembered one of them.

Which was .....
Don't DO unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.

Come on. What does it mean. Do you understand? Once I heard this, I was like "eleh, so easy, who don't know?". Then I was like "wow, indeed, a very good speech.".

Then, daddy was like you must learn communication skills, you are still not good in it. I replied "That's the reason why I played FaceBook". Then I re-think "No, that wasn't.". Okay, fine. Make this short. His meaning after all was do not disrespect others, do not simply scold others and do not be proud.

I don't think I disrespect others or simply scold others for no reason. But maybe sometimes, I made some TOO-LAME jokes that might as well hurt others' hearts. If it is so, then, I might need to apologises. Tee-hee. Sorry.

Other than that, some of his speeches was "BE HUMBLE AND BRAVE TO ASK", "DON'T BE HOT-TEMPER", "LEARN TO COMMUNICATE" and etc etc.

Okie, got to go now,
I had been very busybody + nagging + long-winded lately.
又罗嗦又唠叨又长气~ Really AUNTY AMY.

And morale value for today = NO BODY IS PERFECT!! BUT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

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