Sunday, April 25, 2010


I went to bed at 9pm - so that, I can kick-start the new MONDAY with no panda eyes or with the enthusiasm to go to school. Air-cond switched on, and feeling good but suddenly my mind flew to another place - thinking loads of stuff. Traffic congestion inside my brain. Until 10pm, still couldn't sleep. Switched off the air-cond and came out to computer to check-on FB. I am just so disappointed of myself.

Let's tell you what I got for my Intervensi 2.
BM - 71%. (down 15 marks)
BI - 80%. (down few marks)
Maths - 97%. (up 3 marks)
Science - 86%. (up 2 marks)
History - 67%. (down plenty of marks)
Geography - 72%. (down 14 marks)
KH [so long still haven't get it].
Moral - 78% -not sure (down 13 marks)

Summarized - BM, I knew I couldn't get an A as everyone got below 27 in Paper One. 3 students get weak A for this subject. BI, I don't know why - I just can't get higher than 85% or something. Maths, I lose to KKSheng, for him getting 99%, I knew he's really great now but I just wanted to defeat him (hard stuff).

Science, HIGHEST (finally something to pride of). History and Geography, a very weak B - I already can fore-tell it as I didn't do well in it. Moral, slighty worse than the previous time but I don't kinda mind getting that marks, I didn't even mind to double-check the marks (EVIL LAUGHS).

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