Friday, April 30, 2010

I live :)

Friday 30April2010
So, urm, April is ending in 6 more hours. And hello, May! I think I will become busier in May as everything is coming nearer and closer. Okay, fine ;) Hope I can handle it, without procrastinating and hope that my laziness won't pull me anywhere.

Today. Nothing really special had happened but I kept smiling all the way - forcing or faking a smile? No lah, I actually felt kinda happy because .... haha! But I am also kinda worried of something. Maths class, as usual, feeling so long but wasn't sleepy during the class. Seni - brought candle and liquid paper to school for Batik. I did a very bad craft-work.

Recess in the library - discussing bout printer and internet. After that, History class, discussed about Sunday plan. OMG, they are coming to my home on Sunday and there were around 10 of them. My house might be struck. Geography class in computer lab. Lots of exercises and notes were given. I forgot to take back "borang kawalan" and eventually got to return to computer lab, 小帅哥's class was inside. 小帅哥 waved to me and called my name. LOL! Perasan-ing again.

S.Man and J.Hao bought some snacks from Puan Inthirah. It's delicious and addicting. I ate the kacang (beans) from S.Man. 奸人坚 cursed I will have pimples. Choi x3. And when I ate J.Hao's preserved sour fruits, he said I pregnant. Haiyoh. He pregnent, I also haven't pregnant a. 不男不女.

Morale value of the previous days applied to my social-life's people today: DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON'T WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO YOU ;)

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