Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday corner.

April is coming to an end, May is arriving in another one day. Time really passes so fast and I believe I will become more mature. I think I missed out somebody's birthday wishes but I just don't know whose - forgetful.

28April2010 - HAPPY Belated 17th BIRTHDAY YinFong aka Tama. I knew you since primary. And we met in a very weird way. We been to party together, been in a group before etc. People always say we looked alike. Do we really look alike? HAHA. Okay, if that is so, it's fine also. Anyway, all the best for your coming SPM!

29April2010 - Happy Birthday to KKSiong. I sent a message to him at 12am yesterday. He told me today that he was asleep that time. Sama sajalah! Although you always bully me, although I dislike you sometimes but we are friends ;) Forgive and forget! But stopped stepping on my shoe, marking my hand and taking my stuff~

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