Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's coming.

My two sisters are finishing their final exams.Suesue gotto do reports before heading home this Saturday. While Elaine is coming back the next Saturday after settling her renting stuff. Wow, I am really dewaiting ;) I miss them so much. Hope they come back, always treat me eat, always play with me. Being alone really boring.

But luckily, our house got wireless, no need fight for computers. And I can use their laptops, which are more fast, condusif etc. HAHA.But diagnostic exam is near and I am pretty much nervous bout it. Exam is like coming every single month, making me restless.

WEDNESDAY 28/4/10.
Yesterday, right after school. Went to take food from mummy. Mummy came into school compound already. She cooked delicious meal for me! Teng-kiu mummy! Later, ate in the canteen with my fellow friends. Later, went to change into PJ clothes. Sat in the hall under the fan. Chatted with them and W.Loong (he finally got admirers - not us).

2.15pm arrived. W.Loong and me went to laboratory cause got quiz. Met 奸人坚 and others. I was chasing up 奸人坚 because he kicked my leg. Okay, 2.30pm, started the quiz with Vinosa and Ain. ONE MALAYSIA =) 3.30pm, quiz ended. We obtained 37/60 (3rd group). 奸人坚's and W.Loong's group (40/60) - had a tie-breaker after that. 奸人坚's group win cause got Sri!! Pro people..

After that, went down to meet my fellow friends. They are at the assembly hall (ways to put off fire by bomba man)- the sun was blasting. So hot. So, I went inside to drink water and rest myself. 4.30pm, can go home jor. J.Eng's grandpa reached at 4.50pm. I sat there with S.Sya chatting until around 5.10pm, her mummy reached ;)

THURSDAY 29/4/10.
Today, nothing muched had happened. First class, Science. Notes were given to be copied and exercises to be doned. I think I have not much problem as I am loving the laboratory and the environment there as last time I felt hot and dizzy and sad sitting inside the lab. Second class was ... KH. Finished up my folio, checked by teacher, luckily teacher said "No Problem". And 奸人坚 borrowed away my folio. I told him to be 温柔 to my papers or else he would be DEAD!

Recess in library =) Feeling Okay inside there. Next class, SEJ and BM. History teacher was absent. One relieve teacher came in and asked us to draw a "life graph". I was busying see-ing the Atlas book. Drew a simple one. Raffiq was the first to go out and told us his story + his future. And one and one and one went out. S.Phing went out, she said she has less friends during primary and now, she has more friends from the next class (make me feel so guilty). KKSheng(奸人坚) and KKSiong went out. Then, 奸人坚 told teacher to force me out. Then, came the noises "Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy". Fine, I got the chance to talk bad about the two KKS!!

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