Saturday, April 24, 2010

Night market.

Never write about night market here. I go to night market every Thursday except for raining days. Daddy will buy varies fruits. Mummy will buy varies vegetables. I will buy ... haha varies food. Every Thursday sure got supper for me to eat!

This Thursday, I nagged mummy to buy Mua Chi. Mummy wasn't interested in it but I was interested in it. So, mummy finally bought it after weeks of being nagged by old popo like me. The taste was okay. Mum said she can made better ones (really meh?). I am going to try to make someday ;)

 Mua Chi - Sesame + Pandan.

Spicy chicken. Yum yum.
Eat more lah, Amy, more fat lah you.

Chocolate cake for next morning's breakfast.

MUA CHIMua Chi. Have you watched the movie "我爱麻糍 ntv7"?Here's a simple Mua Chi recipe for you to try out.

Ingredients: -
- 400g peanuts
- tablespoons of granulated sugar (add more if you want it sweeter)
- 2 tbsp sesame seed

1. Bake peanuts in the oven until brown. Remove the skin.
2. Chop them up using a chopping board or a food processor. (I use the chopping board though I have a food processor because the food processor oils up the chopped peanuts. That will make the nut mixture too wet and not fragrant)
3. Mix sugar and sesame seed together in the chopped nuts.

You can also use a mixture of black and white sesame seeds in the nuts mixture. For more "English" style of Mua Chi, you can add some oats\wheat germ and baked sunflower seeds in the nut mixture. For lazy people, you can always get ready chopped groundnuts in packets in the supermarkets :P

Ingredients: - Mua Chi
- 250g glutinous rice flour (tepung pulut)
- 1 1/2 cup of water
- 2 tbsp of vegetable oil
- a pinch of salt

1. Mix the flour with water, salt and oil evenly.
2. Steam the dough for about 30 minutes. And let cool.
3. Use a scissors to cut them out into small cubes and mix them in the nuts mixture.

For more variations and taste to the Mua Chi, you can try the following;
- mix grinned black sesame seeds in step 1
- use a mixture of glutinous rice flour and black glutinous rice flour
- mix chopped "kei chi" (the small little red stuff you put in herbal soups) in step 1
- replace the water with soya milk for smoother and milky Mua Chi taste

And always remember, Mua Chi is made from glutinous rice flour. Don't eat Mua Chi too much at once, it will make your stomach sick.
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