Sunday, April 25, 2010

You've got me.

Recently, looked like there's nothing special about blogging, blogger, blog pages. People don't update frequent. Or I am the only one who are so free, nothing to do. Today, after waking up, went to market and back home - breakfast, and made "min fen gou". Ate it just now - feeling full now. After my stomach is filled, I can do a lot of things which in vice-versa - I cannot do anything in an empty stomach.

Of course this is not my writing. Guess who is the boy who always robbed away my diary? And guess who is the boy who wrote this.

You guess what is this. HAHA! I guess you guess I guess you guess. You will not know. ~~ I hate this black-green mark on my leg - it's painful when got touched with water.

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