Sunday, May 30, 2010


12 MAY 2010
Incident - Big uncle wished grandmother "Happy Mother's Day" and apologized for not celebrating with grandma this year as he got to drive taxi. Last time, he was a moderate-rich man but he was being betrayed by his friends and lost his money. So, he got to work as taxi driver. He was at Jalan Kuching when he fainted. Some people were kind and they called the-last-person-in-call-log which was grandma, and they went away with his money. Grandma don't understand Malay, so, she said "wrong num". 6th uncle came to answer the phone and got the bad news. The person said "he was fainted". Another said "sudah tak ada loh". I heard from Elaine, grandma was crying so hardly and asked God why big-uncle left first.

10th May, back from school, was shocked to receive the news that big uncle left us. Elaine jie and daddy went to see him and I missed it as I have NADI. He was all right when I last saw him during ChingMing. He was a very kind man, sweet too. I liked him, probably was because everytime we met, he will say I am pretty, though I am not. He said I am prettiest among my sisters or in Klang. I miss him.

11th May, celebrated my birthday with the "intentional" cake, and at night, making last-minute decision to skip school, texted my friends to inform them I am going to be absent the next day. So, journey back to Banting was around 2 hours. I didn't sleep in car, kept thinking of the incident happened.

12th May, early morning, sent uncle. I didn't cry, I just don't know why. I was sad but no tears. After lunch, back to Klang. Rested, took a bath and after dinner, back to KL. Needed to catch up a lot of home work that I missed out in class.

Rest-in-peace, uncle!

Waiting for mummy.

Reached Banting late at night.

After visiting and see-ing uncle for one last time, we went to a hotel.

The hotel was small and low-class, but what do we expect for a RM50 room.

Waiting for my turn to take bath.

Early morning, explore everywhere in Banting for breakfast.

A cup of too-sweet Milo.

And ... fried kuay teow.

Uncle's home @ Banting, first time come leh.

On the way to the Fairy Park.


We were given white cloth for-I-don't-know-what-purpose.


On the way back to grandmother's home.

Pineapples @ RM 5.

Sweet potatoes and tapioca.

My future "leng zai"!~

He ate the watermelon for like 25 pieces.

Okay, a BIG laugh.

Dinner Steamboat at restaurant near I-City.


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