Saturday, May 15, 2010

11May2010 - one of the best day in 2010.

@ 12am, a lot of messages came in from WM friends!
Juju, Elaine, Sue-ann, Angely, Aina, Syifa, Dilla, JiaEng, SiewPhing's husband (HowSern), Iman, Calvin, Amirah, ShiYee, Ain, Adam, Andy, Fiona and PeiJing. Thanks! hahaha!

Via FaceBook
Leong Siah, Jit Ping, Vi C Ky, Sureindra, Ron Chin, Shahirah, Kin Wei, Xing Ci, Bing Lun, Moon, Kenny, Won Jien, Ad Lin, Kah Ling jie, Pek Kuan jie, Soon Keat, Racheal, Helen jie, Qadirah, Salvin, Bryant, Sue-ann, Collin, Teacher Jusvinder, Elaine, Sam, Chun Kit, Teck Yu, Yan, Angely, Bhuevenjit, Siew Siang jie, Nicholas, Aunt Joanne, Yee Peng, ZChiin, Chen Fui, Adibah, Poh Yee, Hoi Yan, Pao Nuan, Izrath, Jian Yu, Bee Teng, Sya Sya, Zhen Yin, Sanjeev, Ethan, Sharon, Belinder, Sit Ee, Sherlin, Yan Xin (and her baby), Suk Jing, Yi Hua, Hamzah, Connie, Aina, Seh Chuan, Hoven, Thana, Shi Man, Fishie, Hsin Jie, Raffiq, Poh Yee(Y), Yash, Ain, Michelle (G), Khai Siong, Joann, Teacher Zanariah, Wei Hao, Sharon, Pei Chin, Jamice, Poh Ling (Y), Michelle (W), Tharsini and Jay Ming.

Face to face
You!~ Ha ha.

I am officially 15! 15, man! That's too old. Thanks for celebrating my 15th with me. I am glad to have you guys around me =) It's kinda like the best 15th I had. I guessed my 16th wouldn't be as good!

1) ♥ Daddy's 200.
2) ♥ Mummy's 200.
3) ♥ Elaine's 15, watch and netbook (coming soon!).
4) ♥ Sueann's a-day-out (coming soon!)
5) Bik Kuan ear-ring.
6) Z.Yin's husband's fishy.

Cake from B.Teng, S.Sya, J.Eng, Z.Yin, S.Phing, Sharon and S.Man.
♥♥ 8th May 2010 a lively day from them ♥♥

"Intentional cake" from KhaiSheng.

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