Saturday, May 15, 2010


 15 May 2010
Regretted for making decision not to bring handphone!~

Early morning, the school was so colourful with everyone's sports attire. Assembly was kinda short. 8am, started Sivic class. Listened to teacher + did exercises, not sleepy because last night went to bed early. Next class, PJK. Walked around in the area of the school. And finally, the bell rang.

Time for GOTONG-ROYONG le loh~ After recess, Puan Endang told us about our jobs. It's in the TOILET. What? The busuk/kotor (smelly, dirty) place. I was like "Teacher, we are not going to wash the toilet, aren't we?". Teacher said NO. I was relieved. Our works was just to paste on the tangki to avoid aedes breeding place. At 10.30am, teacher asked 3A students to pick up rubbish in the assembly hall.

Don't know where go the other classes? I only see 3A students all around the school area. At 11am, went into Bilik Ketua Bidang. Cooling!~ We were given a lot of tasks. Me and Z.Yin  helped Puan Mohaini to clean up her area. While others helped Puan Wong, Puan Ng, Puan Endang etc. I don't mind given so many tasks to clean up the area cause it was really cold ^^

At around 12pm, after finish doing all works, we stayed at PuanWong and PuanNg place to chat =) It was really nice to chat with teacher in this way and everyone is eating a lollipop! Fun lah like this!~ After half day being in BilikKetuaBidang, 12.30pm strike, we went out and went home =) A lovely Saturday at school.

I am writing this post because I am waiting my turn to take bath!~ Enough bathroom but not enough kaki. Sue-ann jie is coming home today with all her luggage and stuff - I am sure it's gonna be A LOT!! So, now Elaine jie is taking bath while I am waiting for her call. Don't so fast!~ Ha ha ha~ Finally, all my sisters are going to be home =)

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