Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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20th May 2010 (1st Day)
Today, had BM papers. BM paper 1 was moderate, but I didn't read for the komsas area which trapped me there. A few questions trapped me and eventually, I got it wrong - no lucks. BM paper 2 was okay too, but I wrote 5 pages FULL, I guessed I wrote too much nonsense. I finished the paper 3 minutes before the time ends. Luckily, my hand was already shaking when I do the Novel part. My new pen's ink is going to finish!~ 5 more days to go to end the war!

21st May 2010 (2nd Day)
Today was pretty fine. First paper goes to ....... CIVIC - yea right, it was pretty easy, just some of them got similarity between the four optional choices! After finishing the paper, I took a nap~ Puan Aziah came in and patted KKSiong's shoulder - telling him not to sleep, I quickly awake. Next paper - BI paper 1, most answers looked same, making my head turned round and round. Last, BI paper 2, everything was okay but I wrote the Novel part on my own, urrrrghh, sure cannot get full marks! What is 小帅哥 in Cantonese? J.Eng said "little leng zai"! Mm cuo ma rite?~

22nd May 2010 (3rd Day) 
Today easier papers but it's kinda hard for me as it was ART! First paper was PJK. It was okay as teacher already told us where to read. Second paper, Art Paper 1, it was okay too, not very hard nor easy. Recess~ Went down, shared a NasiLemak with B.Teng!~ Back to class, suddenly S.Phing cried. She fell down, two KKS's faults. Lastly, Art paper. I done it moderately, not bad!~ 12.30pm, time to go home. Special thing happened - 小帅哥!~

24th May 2010 (4th Day)
Ah, 2 more days to go! And the other 2 is so hard! Today, first paper Moral. Okay lah, but it was hard, cause every options are very close, and it's kinda tough for me. After recess, Maths paper. Uhh, I think I did a lot of mistakes - just got to wait for the papers to come back! Arrrgghh, silly mistakes. After school, continued with Nadi and 2.30pm, preparation for Perkhemahan Sukbel BSMM. Marching under the hot hot sun, felt like fainting!~ 4pm, home! Tiredddd..

25th May 2010 (5th Day)
A very difficult day. KH paper was the first paper, it was kinda tough - for me! I felt like dying. After recess, Maths paper 1. It was okay lah, num 13 no answer. So, I just choose A. Who know teacher wrote the correction on the white board in front. B.Kuan, B.Teng, Z.Yin, J.Eng also didn't see it. Others, I am not sure, but I am definitely feeling that it is not fair at all!!! We are so busy doing Maths, and when teacher wrote in front, who saw it? I am getting so frust for this. Last paper, SEJ. Okay la kut. No mood at all. After school, Geography extra class till 2.30pm, marched till 4pm, started raining so heavily. 5.30pm only reached home in a sweaty body. Hate it!~

26th May 2010 (6th Day)
I was waiting for this day to arrive so long ago! First paper, Geografi. Okay okay la, since I read so much about form1 and form2. Next, Science paper1, it was as though I got half of them wrong as I was just choosing the answer in a very tiring mode. Last paper, Science paper2, it was kinda hard, kinda. Okay, it was my first time to exchange paper with my friends and it was a superb experience. After exams, it was finally MERDEKA again!~ Nadi class and then, did the training for Program Perkhemahan till 5.30pm.

累了差不多一个星期~ 现在的感觉很爽! 星期五和六都约了朋友出去玩!哈哈!我很想念你啊!Will update more soon!~

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