Wednesday, May 26, 2010


 He said I am his couple!~ LOL!~

22nd May 2010 
... At school - time to go home...
We saw 小帅哥 talking to a girl.
J.Eng : Aiyor, Amy's heart is fully  broken.
Amy : Where got? I won't. 
J.Eng : Don't reached home, then, cry!~ 
S.Sya : Don't cry here, I don't know how to convince.
Amy : Won't cry lahh! But, you convinced S.Phing just now.
S.Sya : I didn't, right? 
J.Eng : Right!

...When J.Eng and S.Sya leaved me walking home alone !~ ...
While walking home ...
小帅哥 : Hey, Bye!
Amy : Bye!
小帅哥 : Why moved to this school?
Amy : Cause moved house, how bout you?
小帅哥 : Same. Did you think of moving back to WM?
Amy : No.
小帅哥 : Why?
Amy : Cause this school got more Chinese.
小帅哥 : SMKWM2 no Chinese mer?
Amy : Here got more, and handsome ones (was just kidding).
小帅哥 : Oo. How bout me?
Amy : No, not handsome. (i didn't mean it).
小帅哥 : Really ke?
Amy : Erm, ok-ok lahh.
小帅哥 : Ok je...?
Amy : Handsome lahh. (actually wanna give bigger reaction!)
小帅哥 : Got boyfriend dy?
Amy : No. You had one, right?
小帅哥 : No.
Amy : NaNa?
小帅哥 : Just friends.
Amy: Oh, how about the one in FaceBook?
小帅哥 : That's my EX.You wanna couple with me?
Amy : No lah.
小帅哥 : Why?
Amy : *no reaction*.
小帅哥 : Wanna?
Amy : NO!~ 
小帅哥 : I wanna go back to WM.
Amy : What? You wanna moved back there?
小帅哥 : No, just gonna pay a visit to them. Wanna follow along?
Amy : *relieved*. Don't know. Maybe.

...Reached GuardHouse...
小帅哥 : Bye je.
Amy : Bye.
小帅哥 : Bye je...? (don't know why got je at the back)
Amy : Bye!!!!!
小帅哥 : Bye je..
Amy : *smiles*

While walking with him, I don't know I was walking and I didn't realized how I walked, forgot everything, I only remembered I was smiling the whole way. He's really nice!! Just like Ma Kwok Ming.. When he talked, he will look into the other's eyes.. And his eyes was really seducing me!! Flirty and protective man too.. OMG, first time feeling like this~~

P/S: I am not serious, just kind of admiring!

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