Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exam pictures ;)

Just a short post before my blog is said to be dead. ^^ Diagnostic officially ended ;) I've been very moody these few days, included now as I don't get sleeps at the afternoon just for the practice of Perkhemahan BSMM this coming June.

Last Friday, trying to draw Batik related to flora&fauna.

Ended up.. I know it's ugly.. But my sister was just beside me, nothing more but this to show her I care! haha.=)

JIA YOUU! Everybody!~

Reading Science - no mood at all, actually ;)

5/6 days had passed!

Last three papers were the tough ones.

Monday's night was reading this + TV 10-12pm ;)

Anyway, it had ended, passed is pass! Waiting for results ;)

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