Monday, May 3, 2010

Hair cut.

3rd May 2010 ..
Today, got injection at school. I was cool - cuz I know it won't left me with blood. Early morning, went to school with my new hair loh. It's pretty scary to go to school with this hair. Finally, reached school, covered my head~ Don't want let S.Man see it. After that, J.Eng, Z.Yin S.Sya saw it. She went to call S.Phing came. And Sherlin. Lastly, B.Teng - no big shock for her as I told her the night before.

During the assembly, got something fly fly fly above my head. It's pretty annoying and uncomfortable, you know. I hate that place, everytime also got something flying around, don't know from where. After assembly, went back to school. Got teased by those two KKS loh~ 要下去打针的时候,凯晟 说什么 对我没有感觉 and what he found his 前女友 on Mighty Mind! 管我什么事? Who got feeling towards you? It's obviously, I am not interested ok?!

Nurse gave us a short brief before starting "shooting" on us. HAHA. I checked my weight, after all diet-ing and gym-ing, the effect wasn't very good. I wanna stop IT now. My BMI - 22 - still considered fat leh! After the "SHOOTING", we went out to rest. Puan Raihan kept ask us to sit down as she was worried we might get fainted. LOL, skipped our forum - darn HAPPY!

Recess. KKSheng said I am what "pregnant woman". But good also lar, he gave me a pack of  "asam jawa". My friends seemed liking it. So, I took another pack from him. All of them except J.Eng love it very much ;) We all are "pregnant woman"? NoNoNo! Maths class, short only as teacher said wanna give us rest after the INJECTION. I feel like injecting everyday - to avoid homeworks!

After school time, very lonely de walked up to class and ate my lunch. After 10 minutes, S.Phing appeared. She wanted to eat, but didn't bring money. I also didn't bring money. So, went down and lend from people. She bought a pack of Nasi Lemak. 1.30pm, she went for counseling. I went to library and read book.

Around 2pm, KKSheng came in loh, sat on my opposite. Started talking to him. When we were speechless, I asked him about stuff we are reading. He started studying physics dy. I took Chem and Bio book to read - understand nothing. 2.20pm, KKSiong came in. Fine lar, distract my study group. Went out luh. Then, KKSheng came behind and said "Shit Man came". Har? I don't quite understand his language.

Nadi class, S.Phing got bullied by the two guys. Luckily, I sat far away from them. But when I was trying to help ShiMan on her literature reading, KKSheng kicked my leg - it's awful. But I ignored him and kept helping S.Man cause I know I need to help her. He kicked me so hardly until I finally gave up. Does it really matter if I help her on English pronunciation? Har?

Now, my hand and leg also pain~~ And my hair- how to deal with it? Ugly. 没脸见人了啦!

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