Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday x6.

Birthday Corner
3May2010- Happy belated 17th Birthday Shamala ;) You're a really good runner and that's how we met? I guessed so, forgot already. Anyway, you are going to face SPM this year and hope you will pass with flying colours.

3May2010- Happy belated 13th Birthday Michelle! Study hard okay girl.

4May2010- Happy 15th Birthday Andy Lee. Last time, me, you, Kah Kin and Andy Ang are in the same group of May babies =) That's when I first met you. And okay, of course, our ups and downs in 2008. I will remember it. You must study hard okay? Prove it to the others who always look down on you!

4May2010- Happy 18th Birthday Sam. Enjoy your college life =)

5May2010- Happy 16th Birthday to Hoi Yan =) Your bro studied in Wangsa Maju2 and we're in the same school now. What a coincidence. Hope you can achieve your dreams.

5May2010- Happy Birthday to PohLing =) Thanks for helping me sometimes with the direction in Section2. LOL. Shameful. Enjoy your life and may all your dreams come true.

Others (FaceBook) - A very happy birthday to Angel Tan, Nik Inwan, Sarmeet Singh, Jessie and Shahirah Razid etc.

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