Monday, May 10, 2010

Muummmy's Day.

Early morning at 9am, arose. Switched on jie's laptop and played till 11am. Slept again due to my sleepiness. 1pm, awoke and ate lunch made by sister and mummy. After bath and prepared everything, went to Popo's place. Popo ate the lunch. And 4pm, went to Aunt Melissa's House. Watched "巴不得爸爸".

7pm, kept rushing mummy for dinner. And we went for dinner @ a Chinese restaurant. I don't know why, I dislike Chinese restaurant and preferred fast food. Daddy said that is the age gap. Waited for a table for 10minutes and ordered food. When the cups came, I washed the cups, and the water is very hot. I slowly wash it and put my fingers on the ear. Daddy said I am 千金小姐. I am not, ok??

Sent Popo back to Kepong. On the way, a motorbike almost hit our car when turning into a junction. The motorbike was so near and it drove so near to the car. And then, mum and dad started a argument== It's afterall the motorcyclist's fault!! Wanna go to Carrefour, but mummy don't let cause the next day got school. I also haven't worried, mummy worried already. Reached home 9pm, still very early, prepared everything for school tomorrow!~ Mummy Day's gift - RM300 (I am going to bankrupt soon).


Ma and grandma.

Popo is so cutie ;)

Tea time~~


Fruit Rojak.

Flower for mummy(s)..

I loovee you mummy! Forever!~

Hamster mother being with new-borned babies.




Got people looking at me! Ha ha~

Don't care lar~ ^^







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