Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Celeb and Hampers.

10 May 2010
For the Bulan Kemerdekaan, my friends got a lot of hampers. So, we decided to share it equally although it wasn't much of my part. 3 big hampers and a small hamper. Me and J.Eng brought the 2 big hampers to my home. We were all sweating.
I am OFFICIALLY 15 today (omg, so old)! Thanks for all wishes from my friends! During Nadi class, KKSheng got back from his Chess Competition and bringing a cake. ==, the whole class was noisy bout it. Anyway, thanks KhaiSheng for the cake! At 4.30pm, went back to my home with S.Man, S.Phing and KKSheng. J.Eng and B.Teng reached already~

Waited for the others to arrive. And opened the hampers. KKSheng rushed home at 5.30pm. After that, get to cut the birthday cake for the second time of the year ;) Thanks guys. I love you guys okay. No matter what, you girls, are most important - no boys is allowed to ruin our relationship! 有目的的蛋糕也是很好吃的!

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Timer and I wasn't prepared yet.


With Sinia ;)

With Vinosa =)

KhaiSheng ( I am promoting you! )

My lunch for my birthday :)

On the way to Nadi, met [S]ah [P]o. Sp.

My craziest friend ever. I darn love you.

Playing UNO under teacher's permission. Fun!

KhaiSheng got back and I received a cake.

Apa kamu dua tengah buat?


With J.Eng.

With S.Man.






Opening of hampers.

Yay :) ALL MINE.

They are ruining my kitchen =.=

Didn't manage to make any wishes this time.

With B.Kuan.

She intended to feed me. So, oh yes, she fed me!

Part of the cake.



Rushing somewhere..

Laichi drink.

Thanks B.Teng. You helped me a lot today ;)

S.Man, S.Sya, B.Teng, J.Eng, Z.Yin, S.Phing, B.Kuan, H.Yong's and mine!

Hui Yong~

S.Man, S.Sya, H.Yong and S.Phing.


Me and S.Sya out at the balcony.

S.Sya and J.Eng.

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