Sunday, May 9, 2010


3pm. Wondering why they still haven't come. Sms one by one. All still on the way. 3.30pm, S.Phing called me telling me to go down to fetch her. When I open the main door, THEY were there. This week, I have received TWO big surprises at the same place (house maindoor).

I was stunned. I don't know how to react. I was kinda ready to play badminton and tennis. I quickly get changed into a dress - had no idea what to wear. Ate pizza bought by them, and later cut the cake! Yummy ;) After eating and chatting on the dining table, went to living room and danced and sang songs! Did really enjoyed.

At 5.30pm, J.Eng got to leave. We forgot she's going off. Later, we called her and said "good-bye" to her on the phone. At 6.30pm, S.Man leave because it's kinda late and looked like it's going to rain. At 7pm, B.Teng left. We were in the living room watching movie and 7.30pm, bye to all! Thanks to B.Teng, S.Man, S.Sya, J.Eng, Z.Yin, S.Phing, Sharon and Elaine jie for the surprise party!

Sorry to Anna cause she wanted to come my home @ night but I was just a little too busy for meet-up. Meet you on your birthday kk =)

I love today a lot! I was really surprised. I am glad to have you guys and love you guys a lot! Muacckkks!~

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Cake from them.

With S.Phing.

With Z.Yin.


She's feeding me : karma : feeding her on 25 July 2009 ;)

Cutting my first 15th cake on 8thMay.

..making wishes for guys are included...

Thanks for the 3 version of B'day songs..

Yam Buii~~


Kiddy makan cake..

Dai Gah Jie ;)

Yi Gah Jie.


...pretending of killing me...

...dancing time...

She's really serious on learning the dance..

谢谢你们 !!

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