Saturday, May 8, 2010


Yesterday, Elaine jie took bus from Johor at 4.30pm. At 7pm, when watching TV. She called saying she's almost reaching. Wow, why so fast? == Haven't bath ler! Daddy asked me to bath first but I said fetch Elaine first, and very fast changed cloth. Daddy said "don't need to be so gan jiong".

Daddy was speeding on the highway because Elaine reached jor~ Tulah, tak dengar saya cakap. So, went to Bukit Jalil loh. Massive traffic jam there. 8pm, saw dou jiejie. Faster faster come into car. And chit-chatted a lot ;)

9pm, went to fetch mummy. Then, don't know want to go where. Elaine very tired, so, come home and let her rest after taking the long journey. This early morning, went to market buy stuff. Aiyarrr. Met Puan Wong buying vegetables and S.Man's mother.

Got people from don't know where called to have survey with me. She said the survey gonna be around 30minutes. Wow, I am very busy mann. She said it's for teenagers 15-19 years old. But I told her I am just "14". And, I am not lying because I am really still 14 =) HAHA!!

明年今天 (广东)
很好听~~ 学会唱了!下次去唱k可以唱这首歌!我还要学很多很多的广东歌 ;) 尤其是 Eason(陳奕迅) 和 Raymond (林峰) 的!

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