Saturday, June 26, 2010

Camp preparation.

7, 8 and 9th June 2010.
Prepared a lot and was pretty nervous. Went to school to try out the camps. Mum bought a lot of snacks for me one week before but I finished it, so, she went out to buy again! =) And btw, I forgot. Mum bought so much snacks and junk foods for me during the exam week. And Brand's chicken essense.

Me in the camp in the school hall.

Sya and me, what is happening with my mouth?!

S.Man, me and S.Sya!

S.Sya, Sri and me ;]

Snacks 1.

Snacks for the second time.

Brands. Bought by mum after my exam! What's the matter of buying it after my exam?

My stuff + sleeping bag.

My friends and my bags. Full house on daddy's car.

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