Monday, June 28, 2010

Camp Day 1.

10 June 2010.
Early morning, 6.50am, K.Wei, S.Man and J.Hui were already waiting at the guard house. We arrived at LRT Wangsa Maju at 7am. Met up with J.Eng and S.Sya and straight went to Jelatek. 8am, walked to IPK. 11am started journey, reached Pekan, Pahang at about 4pm. We were entertained with funny comedies in the bus.

Once we arrived, we started making our camps. Girls and boys were separated to two different areas. So, we were kinda hungry, we ate our snacks on THE FIRST DAY. 7pm, went to the canteen area for dinner. We couldn't take our lunch as we didn't bring our plates. No people told us that, and SMKDK became quite popular because of that. Teacher went out to town to buy plates for all of us. Scary experience, looks like begger.

Everything was scary without lights. At 10pm, went out to hall for briefing (ice-breaking). We were prepared with games and activities, but SMKDK were asked to go out for marching. Marched until 12am, we quickly told teacher we got problems. 12am, bathed, with first ever experience - with "sarung". And it was my first time, when changing cloth, "sarung" came out and suddenly a girl walked pass. I was like screaming and she was like sorry sorry sorry.



Main stage.

The river.

Beside camp Tango was a National Service center.

Pictures ; credit to Carbon Dioxide and Chong Yanci.

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