Monday, June 21, 2010

Diagnostic results.

Skip skip skip.

Let's talk about today. ^^ Kinda all results are out already. Let's talk about it now okay?

NADI timed Science lah kan, I wrongly wrote cork as cock. Got teased sampai puas-puas by 2 hamsap lou. Salah spelling only okay?! Then, Cikgu Hilmi came in, he asked me "terbakar a?", I was like "CAMP!" and then,"SUNBURN lah, cikgu!". Time balik, it was drizzling, so, pergi makan ah, makan roti canai at school canteen with SP since I have not been eating it for like-so-long. RM 0.70 cheap ... small ... end ...

BM - 82% A [82%]
BI - 86% A [87%]
Maths - 90% A [96%]
Science -75% A [90%]
Geo - 88% A [92%]
History - 85% A [88%]
KH - 77% A
Moral - 75% A
PJK - 91% A
PSV - 72% B
PSK - A (forgot)!

BM, I am satisfied with it. But I knew it wasn't very good, it was just 82%. BI, just received it today. Highest was 87% - KKSiong and Sri, they deserved it anyways. Maths 90%, somebody is getting so arrogant about it. Science - cukup makan 75%. This is terrible. Geo 88% Not bad lahh, not as I expected. Sej, 85% a lot of careless mistakes. KH, also cukup makan ngam ngam saja, but I was lucky to have an A.

Moral, I don't know what grudges I have with this subject, I just couldn't get 90% and above since Intervensi 1 (93%), that time punyalah arrogant cause I am the only one who get 90 and above, regret lah now, nasi sudah jadi bubur. PJK, no comment - 41/50 correct. PSV, seriously, was just lucky to get a B =) Lastly PSK (Sivik), forgot my marks mentang-mentang too much stuff in my brain la kononnya. I guessed I obtained an A lah right...?

All right, that's all for my Diagnostic results. All the best to all!
watching South Korea vs Portugal now! However, honestly, I am not a big fans of World Cup.

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