Friday, June 18, 2010

Teacher's Day.

Friday 4th June 2010.
I actually forgot about this post as I don't own any pictures for the day, so, ignore that. I grabbed some photos from Facebook. It was a day. Although it was extreme boring, but I kinda enjoyed the whole day with the performances and all teachers were in their sweets attire! Hmm. I am starting to talk nonsense.

Our present to class teacher, Puan Endang.

Beloved KH teacher ;(

Reading oath ...?

Cake ?

Performances 1 - singing.

OMG. "Nobody" by form1 girls.

This is kinda interesting.

Singing from abang Naqib.
He looked like Adam Lambert after make-up.

Micheal Jackson of SMKDK.

LOL ;) Puan Mohana and ... i don't recognise him.

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