Thursday, June 17, 2010


3rd June 2010
Hello. I am back blogging. So, yea, on the 3rd day of June, nothing very special happened. But ... I have few pictures of the day. So, let the pictures talk okeyh? ^^ And on that particular day, KKSheng bought bubble milk tea (green apple) during Nadi. But I didn't drink much of it, anyway, thanks!~

Sri can do 10 push ups.


LOL~ The sicker, me and Sya.

I was as dark. LOL!~


The gal who cut her hair.

Hee. Ooi Siew Phing. Grab this if you want, sp!

My work - skyblue colour.


Her "zi pai".
At school. Preparation for Teacher's Day.

Shortest to taller. Okay, change that statement!

Green apple bubble milk tea for me.
He bought S.Phing chocolate bubble milk tea.
He and his green apple bubble milk tea (copycat de!)


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