Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hello. I am back from the 6days camp =) Miss me? No. you dont! I just recovered from my tiredness. So, yea, I slept for like 12 hours last night (only).

Yea, so, the balance left for this mid-year holidays is 4days. And I still have mountains of home works to be done, such a failure I am. By this few days, I should complete my History and Geography folio, which is quite impossible. But nothing is impossible right?!

Allright, I promised I will keep on writing. But with terms that you must read and see. DEAL? I will be quite busy since PMR is coming!~ I will not leave my blog alone gehh.

About the camp, I have jotted down the important points, because I scared I will left out or forget something, so yea, I will be blogging about others and then, the camp. Gotta grab some photos from others as I didn't bring my "best-pal" there.


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