Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seminar SkorA [I]

6th June 2010
Early morning 7am. Jodie's daddy came to fetch. Reached University Malaya around 8am. Paid money, and waited awhile before we can get in the hall. 8.30am, quickly grabbed our sits on the first row - J.Eng, Sharon, B.Teng, S.Sya, me and S.Phing.

KKSiong and KKSheng reached with bus. Then, KKSiong hit S.Phing's hand because he wanted to sit there as the chair has a table. Sat beside him the whole day and texted S.Phing although it was just a metre away (KKSheng and KKSiong was in between). They kept laughing. First, BM 1. The teacher talked and gave a little tips. Next, Geografi. He talked about 2 chapters only..

Lunch time, queued and got my food. It was spicy. I drank two cups of syrup. After that, Bm 2 time. It was okay. The teacher talked without anything, professional. Then, heard J.Jie needed help to ask for a girl's number. I went few row behind. KKSheng also got help to ask for "her" number~ Ha ha. So, we succeeded.

Last, Science. I was sitting behind and wondering when I can go back to my sit, J.Jie looked at me and looking guilty, so, he asked me few questions to stop me from boringness. After that, KKSheng went in front, I quickly followed him without wanting everybody in the seminar to get their eyes on me!~ 6pm, home sweet home~


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