Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's half of the week already. 103 days to PMR but I am still fooling around.

I promised I will finish my holidays' activities by this Sunday. Without procrastinating. But, I am still asking myself, is that possible? Few posts will publised soon, which are Seminar, Camp Day 1-6, Mid-Valley and lastly Father's Day. Summing up would be in about 9 posts. =)

Today was the English Day. So, yea, but no, me and my friends don't communicate in English. We communicate in Chinese, either Cantonese or Mandarin. So, my English is very broken and sorry, I made a lot of grammar mistakes, correct me if I am wrong.

Back to the topic, Wednesday, English Day, Curriculum Day. I wore PBSM t-shirt today which allowed me not to stay after the assembly or in the other words, get punished. So, S.Man, S.Sya and Z.Yin got to wait for awhile before it started raining and they get off from the punishment, which are good, as I am boring sitting alone. Actually, it was a coincidence. B.Teng's partner which was S.Sya didn't wear the uniform. Z.Yin's partner which was J.Eng was the same, S.Phing's partner, B.Kuan didn't wear it too and my fans-lover partner, too. But "fans-lover" sounds weird, how about changing it to "sweaty pigs" - easy to sweat.

...Maths class...Science class in the lab...

Back to class after having a break in the library, S.Sya told me something, about 小帅哥. No, I am not going to talk bout him now because I am still thinking of some ways to forget about the boys. All right, so, the way she told me was pretty interesting, yep, I love it but I am going to be serious, no boys. Doubt it. But seriously, I am doing some research myself. I started to ignore the disturbance guys! Ridiculous but YES! Trying hard. Give me a big clap okay?

...BI class...Geografi class...

The day in school ended just like this. I wished I can stay in school for longer =)
Oh ya, I forgot a news. I got number 3 in class, dropped. Congratulation to all.

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