Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mid-valley June.

19 June 2010 - Saturday.
This is the birthday present Sueann sister promised me. Afterall, thanks! Muacks!

Sueann and I went to Mid-Valley at 6pm. Rushed everything. And bought tickets for movie, ToyStory3. She watched KarateKid the day before. So, we waited Elaine sister to came down and together we walked around, snapped pictures, bought foods everything ;) I bought a keychain for the 20June birthday boy at MoMo. 930pm into the cinema and watched the movie. Nice one! 1130pm out from cinema, mid-valley was empty. Yea, went home right after that, it was scary as the carpark was kinda vacant too! 1901, we missed it!! Know what was it? A shop, selling mainly burgers.. We used RM100 today, just the three of us but all bills were on Sueann=)

Really glad. As we very rarely get to go out for an outing. If it wasn't Sueann who is busy, it is going to be Elaine. So, I am the most "free" person. Available at any time.

Tea time pisang goreng.

YuYu Ice.

Doesn't know what this is called.

My ♥♥♥.


Haish, my rabbit teeth.



Toy's Story.


Remember that day I was craving for so much chocolate?
Bought two bars of chocolate. And now, in front of comp, eating choc!





Sueann and me.

Elaine and me.

Shot 1.
Shot 2.
Shot 3.

Bought his present here. I seriously believe I still owe him.

Long queue.

Here we are that night.

Elaine and me.

Me and Sueann.

Priced at RM12.

It was late, mum was rushing.
Omg. Really thought of trying this out!

My sisters been here before, but I haven't!

Clock striking 12am.

. BACK . END .

Toy Story 3.
Kinda touching at the end of the story. Andy gave them to Bonnie.

The couples which make me laugh the most - Barbie & Ken.

One family.

Sunnyside. Adventure begins here.

Buzz was talking Spanish which made most people in the cinema laughed!

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