Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

20 June 2o10 - Sunday.
Happy Father's Day.

Early morning at 4am, awoke. Asleep at 2am because reached home from MidValley at 1230am. 2 hours of sleeps. After preparing everything, 5am, daddy sped and reached Seminyih around 540am. It was still dark. So, we got to use torch light and it was kinda adventurous. We went up to the well-known Broga Hill. Mum walked and stopped. So, I think I reached the 1st peak at 7am. After all, mum reached at 8am. Snapped photos and came down 11am. Hunted for food at a place where it is very famous with fishes. Ate "ikan bakar" with certain flavours - tomyam, curry, mushrooms etc, I don't remember. Altogether RM140 for 5 medium-sized fishes, cheap ;) 12pm, went to a temple and after that hunted for fruits. Mainly was durian, for sure =)


Uncle Dominic and mum.

Going to be bright soon.

It was supposed to be refreshed but there were loads of visitors and some smokers.

The next peek.

Daddy on the way to higher peek.

I cannot tahan jor.


Sun rise.


Walking around.

Mum and dad with sunrise.


Me and Simone.

Me and Chyng Yee.

The Hill.


Fathers and Mothers.

Beauties lining up.



Mam and Dad.

Refreshing, breath taking.


Aunt Joanne and family.

Durian at Broga, Negeri Sembilan.

Self-service lahh. haha.

Durian tree.

It was nothing special but mum was superb bout it.
Cause grandfather once owned a "dusun".
And it is sell to government at 70k, decades ago.

Fish pond.

Ikan bakar.

It's COKE.

Mushroom fish.

Yummy. Good for my skin!

Curry or Tomyam, don't really remember.

At temple.

Washing hands.


Swing swing.

Me and Simone.

Little monkey. I took video of it.


Busy taking pictures with Simone, forgot about the food!



That's my back!!

Chyng Yee, me and Simone ;)


Aunt Joanne and me.


Fried chicken wing. Yummy!

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