Friday, July 23, 2010


Seriously, I need to lose weight.

P/S: I've never feel full since the day I vomited. What actually happened? 

I said I wanted to, but I can't. Today, to list out everything I ate since breakfast.
1) 2 slices of green tea cake.
2) Canteen's potato (马铃薯
3) A strawberry Ice-Cream.
4) A slice of green tea cake + mum's lemonade drink.
5) Lunch.
6) Fruits - mango + orange + apple.
7) Pasar Malam's 老婆饼.

8) I am going to search for something to go into my stomach now! =(
Maybe what KKSheng said is correct, I am not meant to lose weight because I simply doesn't have the enthusiasm. Let's see.

23 July 2010
Today, KKSiong never come to school. 闷闷的!JianYu and KKSheng never entertain me. Bored! Today a BIG news, ShiMan sat together with WonJien =) Sorry ShiMan if I hurt you, but I must help you though I know you're shy. So, I sacrificed today sitting alone but never mind, I am happy to see ShiMan communicating with WonJien so happily.But luckily, JunHao sat with me! He became my brother today (but he said not to tell KKSiong)!

累了~ 先睡觉,然后才看看怎样吧!

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