Saturday, July 24, 2010


24 July 2010 - Saturday.
...Cake is still baking, I am too free, so I posted this post...

It's Saturday again ;) And today, I am going out again. I couldn't resist myself going out every Sat and Sun. I felt so sorry for myself, for my PMR. So, we're going to make a steamboat party for three birthday gals. - Kho Jia Eng, Ang Zhen Yin and Yap Shi Man! Actually their birthday are like 10 to 20 days away but we made it earlier.

So, yea, we are going to bring out own stuff to Sya's house. I've made ...
1) Jelly.
2) Done marketing, bought quite an amount of stuff =)
3) Orange cake.
... anymore idea? ... for the next birthday ...

But I didn't tell them that I am going to made extra stuff. HAHA. This is the first time I make a cake for my friend's birthday, so, wish me lucks.

...END... Wait for the next post =)

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