Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Tired day . Everything seemed to be upside down ! aRgghh .

Okay today was extra curricular day. I was exhausted. But luckily I was accompanied by my friends. And I am supar hungry now! Keep searching for food in the fridge. And I know the fridge is not going to be vacant - because mum kept on reload food into it. And all the food goes into ..

i) my mouth.
ii) my oesophagus.
iii) my stomach.
iv) my duodenum.
v) my small intestine.
vi) my large intestine.
and finally, it came out through anus.
...what a process...

Phewww, I just talk about Science Form2 Chapter 2 - digestive system.

Okay, stop that! I knew this is seriously insane. So right, I was having my nap just now when Aunt Joanne called. I just slept for like 15 minutes. Aiiii. She called my handphone but I hung up (so-the-no-manners)! So, she called home. I didn't hung up of course, and answered her phone. Since mum was out, she didn't talk long with me, just a duration of 5 minutes.

How about school today? Ehh, wait, I go search for something to eat while typing.

Wednesday - arosed late at 6.40am - reached school - short assembly. First class - Maths - never a boring class - tried to cope and concentrate. Second class - Science - did exercises. Recess. Next, BI class - oral - first to talk - nervous. Last class - Geography - revised until late at 1.20pm - took my lunch from mum.

Thanks mum for the delicious food. It contained chicken, vegetarian food, egg, fish etc! Yummy! Then la right, Science & Maths at the garden behind school. It was sunny + hot. Just walking and loitering around with J.Eng. Then, lastly Badminton club, I didn't played much today - no concentration. By the way, this is the day EXTRACURRICULAR day! And I am superb! ;) No more Wednesday CC.

Mum and dad and sister are home! Don't wanna be long breath here. Chao.

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