Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camp Day 6.

15 June 2010 -final chapter of SUKBEL.
At 4am, we were awake by booming sound. Scary and shocked. S.Man said the booms sound came so near her. I awoke and quickly grabbed my stocking and zoomed off to the place where everyone ran to. It was latihan kebakaran. I slept during the whole thing, it was so cold as I was wearing shorts and a small tee. Fortunately, JiaEn and Sya helped me took my towel.

6am, back to camp, tiring. Fell asleep for 1 hour. 7.30am, went for gotong-royong before breakfast. We ate breakfast outside as we were bored with the food there. Ate burger, karipap, kuih etc. At 9am, closing ceremony was held. At around 12pm, we went back to camp to fold back the camp and took all luggages out.

At 2 or 3pm, the bus arrived and we had some problems before we were allowed to go into the bus. Said good-bye to daddy(Johnson) and brother(Jason)! They are going back to Malacca ;] Goodbye was said to Shahran too (and shaking hand + hi5). And Saiful too. He was eating with his friends and shouted "Amy Ng eh? BYE!". I said "Yes, byebye!".

Reached KL at around 7pm. JiaEn and Sya came to my house to transfer pictures. They put their baggages at the guard house and Sya helped me take my big bag. So, I ran with my bagpack and sleeping bag. Run run run and slipped and fell down. Paiseh =.=

I started to miss those sceneries. Beautiful isn't it?

Giving speech for the closing ceremony.

Korea red cross.

Thailand or Myanmar red cross.

Me and Jumbohead~~

Lee Chun On(Hongkong), Charissa and me.

Sya, Lee Chun On(Hongkong), Jumbohead and Charissa.

Super like this photo geh. Charissa, Sya, me, Korea 的帅哥.

I've cropped out. He was sun-burned, that's why same colour as me.

Me and Abang Fahmi. Fishie, I met him!

A bus of SMKDK bees. Can spot me? =)

No water. Or to be exact, no clean waters.

Toilet. Dirty, smelly, dark, scary, what's more?

And finally, the food there, it was okay but of course, far different than mum's.

Photos credit TO ALL! I miss SUKBEL's participants and facilitators. I enjoyed this camp to the MAX. And I've learned how to appreciate after getting through all these. Going to the camp gave me quite a huge influence. For example, no proper toilet, no proper place for changing/eating/bathing, no online, no handphone, no good food, no waters, no lights, no air-cond, no sleep, and to deal with the scorching sun. See you guys another time!

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