Friday, July 2, 2010

Camp Day 5.

14 June 2010
Awake at nearly 7am. No aerobics that morning. So, I heard some "interesting" storyline from Sya and Man. Breakfast [fried rice & egg]. Group G again. Games. Introduction. Chicken. Before lunch, had a meeting, a special and touching one! Lunch, we bought Maggi cup. I didn't have the appetite to eat but Sya insisted. ♥ them today.

After lunch, continued activity. Lying on the sand for 10 minutes. The people asked us to think but I eventually slept! Sya woke me up after that ;') Later on, went to the seaside to play "bola beracun" (poisonous ball). It was fun but I was the earliest to be eliminated.

Back to camp, ate biscuits and chit-chatted. We cleaned our camp for one last time before we leave. Quite everyone is at the seaside enjoying. Those got caught but all girls ran back to camp before facilitators arrived. So, they said if those who went there didn't admit, everyone is going to be punished. All SMKDK's didn't went there, good stuff.

Didn't get to bath, I see my face in the mirror and was like "Oh no, shit!". Oily ok. And no waters, and sweat, dust, sun. That night, we started dinner after the Pahang ministry arrived. It was a yummy dinner. Roasted chicken. I slept all the way because all performances was boring. Later on, changed place to avoid my sleepiness.

Slept without bathing. See for the next post, interesting stuff happened at 4am!

Wow =)

Charissa, me, Faiz, Sarmeet, Lavanya and Joshua.
Was taken on the 2nd day of the trip.

Group G ♥

Leadership. I am in the BLUE towel. Spotted me anywhere?

Cikgu Aidil in the black =) I miss him so much and I expected to see him here!

Performances from international red cross members.

The menteri-menteri having their dinner!

Photos credit to Charissa Angela and Stephen Koh.

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