Wednesday, July 21, 2010

华文歌唱比赛 DK.

12 - 16 July 2010.
Don't really remembered what had happened. It was Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Schooling is fun! Especially when PMR is just around the corner ;) [lying myself].

17 July 2010 - Saturday. 
School's Chinese Singing competition. First of all, I never regret attending the event. Emcee was Ying En and Lim Teck Yu. But more talented singers from others school attended and so, our school's students get less prize. Don't be sad to those who had lose, you've never lose as you dared yourself to go up the stage. =) Support you peoples!

 To view more pictures of the day, kindly click this.

This is Jumbohead!

This is Hwa Ee!

At 8.30am, me, S.Man and Z.Yin walked out to a nearby mamak for something to eat.
I treated them "teh ais". Of course lah, I am almost bankrupt.

Suk Jing.

Jess, me and S.Phing.

Helping Jia En and her friends for a snap.

Sya Sya!

Adrian 陈凯旋=)

..38 Gang..

..My Gang..

With Charissa Angela.

With Bik Kuan.

With Loong.

With Graceyy =)

With Puan Ng.

With Jia En and Puan Wong!

Yeong Li Min.

With Soon Jye.

With Lim Teck Yu.

Photographer of the day - Jessica Hong =)
Videos will be up soon! 

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