Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Time =)

18 July 2010.
Early morning, went to Pasar, daddy bought 5durians and I didn't expect it to be my lunch! Ala, the tenant at Kepong there had some problems again. First tenant made the house messy and old and spoilt - we renovated it again. Second tenant doesn't pay rent on time. Third tenant had prostitute in the house. And finally now, the tenants used up to RM1800 of electricity in a month. Okay, fine fine. After discussing and all, went to Uncle KeeLim house. Had dinner at "De Fu" after that, crabs. Sent popo back home before heading back home!

Collin's pillow (jersey)!

The electricity bill.

Yeye's hamster.

Comel ;) Keep on producing offspring until yeye is fed-up.

Doggy named Lazy at Collin's house.

6pm, ordered. 6.30pm, started eating. 8pm, finished eating.
Guess who I saw? It's JiaQian. Wah, sampai Kepong pun can meet!

My yeye! =)

...Home sweet home at 9pm...

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