Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Trio.

"A little more and I get to kiss her. Not lesbian kay!"
Happy 15th Birthday Jodie Kho - 25 July 2010.

24 July 2010 - Saturday.
It was 11am already. But the cake wasn't done yet. So, I received for like 5 calls. I quickly get changed and told Z.Yin that I will fetch her at 11.20am. I didn't put on earrings, makeup or anything. I am natural today! hahaha - as in school lah! So, we reached Sya's home. We were playing cards, suddenly a "boom" sound occurred, I thought it was balloon. No, it was a plag. The wire came out. We allocate the table to another place. At 1pm, we started eating. Wah. Ate a lot ;) I fed J.Eng, she also fed me. At 3pm, were in Sya's mum room. Talking, chit-chatting. Itu B.Teng busy playing laptop's games. == At 4pm, J.Eng balik rumah. We had a heart to heart talk. I shared a lot with them. And then, were bored. So, we called people - Sharon, KhaiSiong, KhaiSheng, WonJien, who else? I forgot. 5pm, B.Teng's turn balik rumah. I waited for my daddy to come fetch. So, we played Jenga. At around 5.30pm, daddy horned. After that, fetched Z.Yin and S.Man home before home sweet home! The cake looked awful but taste okay right? ^^ I will make better decorations next time!
Link to - Her birthday 2009.
Link to - Facebook's album.



My ugly decorated cake for JiaEng, ZhenYin and ShiMan.

...lengzai... his side face looked like Joshua Ang (xiao hai bu ben).

Fake burger which was the table cloth. Looked real right? ^^

Her and her "dailou"!


! fat !



Video of 30 seconds - the jenga fell. ==

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