Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kursus PBSM.

10 June 2010.
Skipped 5 - 9 June 2010.
Early morning, daddy fetched me and Sya to SMK Setapak High, I've been there for many times as my two sisters used to study there. We're the earliest to reach. Called Sri and Shereen. They reached after that, later on, the event started. A lot of performances ;) At 10am, ate Nasi Lemak there. Anyways, it's my first time to see the canteen of the school - was quite traditional. Continued everything, just performances and "music box" game. 1pm, thanks to Shahidah to fetch us back to PV10. Walked to Teratai Mewah for badminton with my baby friends. Had tea time there and was really sleepy. Walked home alone. After that, S.Phing texted me asking why I looked moody, she said they were all worried. I thought I smiled all the day. I am just too tired smiling all the day. =)

Say cheese ;)

Yerr. Looked so fat. =(

Joseph and Vinosa on training !

Photo credit to Shahidah Hameed.

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