Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Durian / Edit.

4 July 2010 - Sunday.
Date of blogging: 14 July 2010.
That night, after seminar, mum wanted to eat durian out of a sudden - just like pregnant women. So, daddy got to search something for her. We went to GreenWood to buy some durian. It was quite expensive but still affordable. RM10 per kg. The next day, I was wondering where was KhaiSiong's house and asked him about it, his house was near the durian stall. Ooo. haha!

And there you go, my first edited picture =)

Grabbed from Google ;)
The king fruit. Whose the queen? Mangosteen right?

Ridiculous right? LOL! And ugly.
But special ma aite? ^^

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