Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sick =(

19 July 2010 - Monday.
Monday morning, school like usual. Before reaching school, I already felt that something went wrong in my stomach. But I just gotta go to school. Reached school, I didn't talked much to my friends. I felt so dizzy and "shen fu" during assembly because I can hardly breath. After assembly, Science class, finished up the paper very fast but was still suffering in pains. BM class, finished up the paper and cannot endure any longer. Went to Office by my own and called mummy. After that went back class and cried, everybody saw it, especially KhaiSheng because I told him I won't cry so easily. Later, S.Phing accompanied me to Office. She asked why I settled it alone and don't let them help me and reminded about last time, I helped her. Actually, I don't want to make others worried.

And later I VOMIT out twice! OmG. This is the second experience on my lifetime. What's wrong with me? Maybe it's the crabs I ate on the previous day.

Vomit + Diarrhoea.

Came back from school at around 9am, sleeping.

1pm in the afternoon, when I am awake, she is still sleeping.

Mummy made this for me, so that, I can stop thinking about it! YEAH, delicious, the white layer was made of coconut. Yum yum.

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