Friday, July 9, 2010

Visited grandmother.

26 June 2010 - Saturday.
After fetching mummy to her workplace, me and Sueann went to grandmother's house at Kepong. We wanted to help her to clean the house there. So, yep, went there, had lunch first =) I ate for the second lunch, nasi briyani. After that, helped to clean room, I didn't do anything much. But Sueann did a lot. At 5pm, we for shopping. Bought a lot vegetables and my target was of course FOOD! Yes, bought a lot of food - doughnut, ice-kacang and bbq chicken. After that, had dinner at Man Ching Lau. Met up with Uncle KeeLim and family. The dinner was satisfying! 10pm, sent grandmother back to home and saw Aaron - omg! He shedded off more than 10kg on National Service. Envy!! 11.30pm, back home bringing 2 durians =)



This is when he eventually called me "Mummy". Do I looked that old?

Dirty mirror-baby at the back.

That's him.

Grandmother with her wedding picture.

Leng Zai horr..

Ice-kacang. ABC.

Big doughnut.

With her cute teeths.

Good night!

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