Sunday, July 11, 2010

Klang - I-City.

27 June 2010 - Sunday.
Went back to Klang after lunch time. Around 12pm, if I wasn't mistaken. I wore make-up that day, so, it went well, I make-up for like 30 minutes. And suddenly I saw something on my eyeball? So, I quickly went to toilet to wash it off. Ohhhh. No make up for the day, I now preferred no make up as make up made my eyes red. Natural is the best! Spent the whole day in grandmother's house and with the playful children. Dinner time at 6pm. A lot of food was prepared. I ate and drank everything and I felt so satisfying but regretted for my action. Couldn't resist to sit, hence, stand and walk around. At 9pm, went to I-City before going home at 10pm.

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They were really delighted. But I don't have anymore interest in it.

I love this the most. Soup for mee soa (min sin!)

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