Sunday, October 31, 2010

♥ 15 October 2010.

That day. I remembered it was a Friday. We waited in the assembly hall for Puan Inthira to announce to gather up but it took us some time to actually gathered up just because the bus is LATE. Okay, never mind. We waited outside the school and finally the bus reached. The bus was okay, real okay compared to the bus we used to go to Penjara Sungai Buloh trip. We reached there, saw a mini convention on the stuff used for Pengukaran and Pemetaan (mapping and distancing). After that, we were asked to go to another building to see for the stuff. We were also given food and drinks. After all, we went back at around 12pm. Checked out at 5 Harmoni for the acting which will be held on 16 October.

She "wei" me leh ! :)

Evidence :)

Tallest to shortest !

Where do you want to go ?

Macam orang buta right ?

MY GENG KURUS !!! There's a story lies within .


Me, Tasha and Raffiq.


Jessica Hong ( :

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